When I first started this blog, I had no idea what was ahead for me. At the time, I was ‘perfectly healthy’…I thought. Within two months of learning about medical cannabis and writing about it in hopes of helping others, I became ill and eventually was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I didn’t know when I first became ill that it was cancer, all I knew was that I was in pain and I started using Cannabis oil to help with the pain. When I was diagnosed with the cancer I went on the Rick Simpson’s Oi cancer protocol.


This blog is here in hopes of providing resources for those who are new to medical marijuana. When someone asked me if I had heard about cannabis and it’s healing properties for cancer, I was shocked and decided to research into it. I have to say, I feel like I have been an ostrich with it’s head in the sand! I had no idea about the healing benefits of cannabis.

I tend to be one who leans toward alternative and natural health measures instead of going the western medicine approach. So how come in all of my research for alternative health did I never read anything about cannabis?

After reading a few articles  I was hooked. I was glued to the computer for days. I saw people with so many different challenges being helped by this plant. I thought, ‘more people need to know about this!’ With that in mind I wanted to do my part to spread the word.

That is how this blog came to be. I wanted to gather information that I found on the web and try to put as much as I could in one place and to also provide links to other resources.

Why did I title this ‘Coming Out Of The Cannabis Closet?’ Well, most of the people that know me are either very conservative in their views, very closed minded on marijuana, or possibly just plan scared. Some people will be upset by this blog. I believe that if they would open their minds and listen to the testimonies of so many beautiful people who have lived their lives in pain and finally getting some relief, then maybe they would change their thoughts on marijuana.. Maybe they like me, they will pull their heads out of the sand.

This blog will be a work in progress. Please feel free to send me anything that you feel would be of value  to add here that may help others.

Be Happy, Be Healthy!

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  1. travelnjudy

    I came out of the closet when mmj became legal. I told all my doctors and was in hospital, (told them) , told my family and talked about it. My family told me they knew, but since I didnt talk about it, they didn.t. My claim to fame was when My picture was in the local newspaper for being a patient and being at a rally 3 years ago. I ran into a former co worker recently and that is what she remembered about me. there were 3 of us, and the other co worker said mmj should be legalized and taxed and leave it be. I was so amazed. I now talk openly about my mmj. It has hellped me with my pain. I have waited 3 years to see “coming out of closet” regarding mmj. I used to have to explain myself. (no offense to anyone)

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